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Catalog > You Design It

You design it!

As you can see, there are hundreds of different designs of heirloom baby bracelets we can make.

I would love to make your very own baby bracelet just as you want it. According to your specifications.

If you can give me an a few ideas and/or suggestions, I will put together a sample item with pricing and send you a picture for approval.

There is no obligation to buy.

We can work together to provide you with an heirloom baby bracelet of your very own making.

Maybe a one of a kind heirloom baby bracelet like no one else has or will ever own.

Again, there is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything when submitting a request! I promise.

We may even add your special design heirloom baby bracelet to our inventory. (Of course this would not apply if you were to purchase your very own one of a kind.)

Thanks so much for the opportunity! And please feel free to give me all the information you can, so I can come up with the perfect heirloom baby bracelet just for you.


Please include the size you need in the additional information block.

You Design it

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