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About us

Sher's Wares, making personalized baby bracelets, has been opened since 2005. I was a stay at home grandma and wanted to do something to fill my time and make a little extra money. I love the idea of making personalized baby bracelets. It allows me to be part of so many special occasions.

I originally started making personalized baby bracelets with Swarovski Crystal. Then, when a law was enacted forbidding the selling of any leaded personalized baby bracelets, to children under 13 years of age, I was stunned. I felt like all the work I had put into making personalized baby bracelet was going down the drain.

Over the first few years of my business, I made many different personalized baby bracelets. I knew if I wanted to continue making and selling personalized baby bracelets, I would have to make all new personalized baby bracelets, that contained no lead.

So, either I quit making personalized baby bracelets or I make all new personalized baby bracelets. I chose to make all new personalized baby bracelets using only czech glass (no lead), fresh water pearls, sterling silver, gold filled and cute cat eye beads. I'm proud of the way these new personalized baby bracelets have turned out.

I'm really glad I did it. I always wanted my personalized baby bracelets to be turly heirloom treasures, and the age old cottage style of these beautiful fire polished czech glass beads, fresh water pearls and other fine materials has helped me accomplish the look I want in my personalized baby bracelets.

When you purchase a personalized baby bracelet you can add a charm, initial and/or extender chain. These make the personalized baby name bracelet even more personal.

All personalized baby bracelets are polished and place in a sweet organza bag with satin ribbons. We also ship all our personalized  baby bracelets in a padded envelope for protection. And please remember, all personalized baby bracelets are shipped Free in the US.

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