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Baby's First Pearl Bracelet and Necklace

We have 2 different styles of fresh water pearl baby bracelets and pearl baby necklaces. Freshwater pearls have a grading system starting with A and going up to AAAA. The more A's the higher quality of your pearl baby bracelets and pearl baby necklace.

Although there is not a huge difference to the consumer, the pearl baby bracelet and pearl baby necklace in this category are definitely a higher quality pearl baby bracelet.

The freshwater pearls we use in our other category of pearl baby bracelets and pearl baby necklaces are very nice quality, however, for those of you who would like a pearl baby bracelet or pearl baby necklace that's a cut or two above, this Baby's First Pearls freshwater pearl baby bracelet, or freshwater pearl baby bracelets sets, are the perfect pearl baby bracelet for you.

Our higher grade pearl baby bracelet that we call, "Baby's First Pearl Baby Bracelet and Baby's First Pearl Baby Necklaces, are Grade AAA- or higher, cultured freshwater pearls. All of these pearl baby bracelets have excellent roundness, color and luster. It's a pearl baby bracelet suitable for people who want a nice, high end freshwater pearl baby bracelet, pearl baby necklace or freshwater pearl baby bracelet set.

These pearl baby bracelets are very reasonably priced for the quality you'll find in the Baby's First Pearl Baby Bracelet.

Now, don't think these pearl baby bracelets aren't worth every penny. Our baby's first pearl baby bracelets come with a sterling silver heart clasp. And these pearl baby bracelets come with a sterling silver heart shaped extender chain, which includes a pearl dangle at the end.

Also, these pearl baby bracelets come in a beautiful off white organza bag which also has little tiny pearls attached, scallops edge and beautiful satin ring. These bags are the perfect compliment to your fine quality pearl baby bracelet.

But that's not all you receive when you order your fine quality pearl baby bracelet. Each pearl baby bracelet comes with a beautiful "antique look" tag stating "Baby's First Pearls. Perfect to use when storing your pearl baby bracelet when she out grows it.

The quality is superb and make a truly heirloom quality, pearl baby bracelet, pearl baby necklace or precious pearl set.

And don't forget to order the Baby to Bride upgrade, when you order your pearl baby bracelet. Perfect to give to the little baby as she grows and marries.

Typically, the difference between our highest quality freshwater Baby's First Pearl baby bracelet and our other fine freshwater pearl baby bracelets and pearl baby necklaces, is negligible, especially to a layman's eye. But if you look at the roundness and color quality, you'll receive in the gorgeous pearl baby bracelet, you'll be able to see why these are considered gem quality.

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