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Baby birthstone bracelets  click here to view birthstone baby bracelets now.

Our heirloom baby birthstone bracelets are personalized with Fire Polished Czech Beads to match the birthstone color of the month your baby was born.

These unique czech glass birthstone baby bracelets are handmade with with the finest materials available. The lovely old fashion czech glass beads in these birthstone baby bracelets are perfect.

These heirloom baby birthstone bracelets make the perfect gift for that special birthday girl of yours.
There are many variations of birthstones dating back to early civilizations. The "modern list" , adopted  in 1912, is the official list of Jewelers of American.

Our birthstone baby bracelets are not made with the genuine birthstone of each month. We use beautiful fire polished czech glass beads (no lead) in our birthstone baby bracelets.

Each of our birthstone baby bracelets include a czech bead/s color that matches the color of the original gem stone.

January birthstone baby bracelets:
Birthstone - Garnet is a very deep red. They can almost look black.  The garnet can be found in Africa, Australia, India, Russia, South America; and in the United States, in Arizona and Idaho.

February birthstone baby bracelets:
Birthstone - Amethyst is a beautiful purple. They has been found among the possessions of royalty throughout the ages.  The intense violet hue of Amethyst appealed to early monarchs, perhaps because they often wore this color. Purple dye was scarce and expensive at one time, and so it was reserved for the garments of kings and queens. Amethyst has been found in ruins dating as far back as the ninth century.

March birthstone baby bracelets:
Birthstone - Aquamarine is a soft pale blue. If you can picture the cerulean blue waters of the Mediterranean, you will understand why the birthstone for March is named Aquamarine.  Derived from the Roman word "Aqua," meaning water, and "mare," meaning sea, this pale blue gem does indeed resemble the color of seawater.

April birthstone baby bracelets:
Birthstone - Diamond is a sparkling clear gem. They are remarkably simple in composition, yet stunning in its unique ability to reflect and refract light into vivid flashes of brilliant color.  The ancient Hindus called the Diamond "Vajra," meaning lightening, both because of the sparks of light thrown off by this gem as well as its invincible strength.  The Diamond is harder than any other substance on earth.

May birthstone baby bracelets:
Birthstone - Emerald is a beautiful deep green colored gem. The intense brilliant green of the Emerald is as refreshing to the eyes as a spring garden after a rain.  Within it’s depths are often tiny fractures or inclusions, which the French call "jardin," or garden, because of their resemblance to foliage.

June birthstone baby bracelets:
Birthstone - Pearl is a lustrous white color. They are formed when an irritant, such as a small parasite or a fish lodges in the flesh of an oyster, mussel, or clam, a protective substance called "nacre" is produced.  Over years, layer upon layer of shimmering nacre coats the intruder, creating a lustrous pearl.  Natural pearls are relatively rare, so there is a process, in which a piece of shell or bead is placed inside a mollusk to stimulate the production of nacre.  This results in a cultured pearl, which accounts for about 90 per cent of the pearl industry.

July birthstone baby bracelets:
Birthstone - Ruby is a beautiful red rose colored gem. The word Ruby comes from the Latin "ruber," meaning red.  It is a variety of the mineral Corundum, and is found as crystals within metamorphic rock.  Corundum is the second hardest mineral, after Diamond.  It comes in a variety of colors, and is considered a Sapphire in any color except red, which is designated as a Ruby.  Rubies range in hue from an orangey red to a purplish red, but the most prized gems are a true red in color.  Large sized Rubies are very rare and valuable.

August birthstone baby bracelets:
Birthstone - Peridot is a yellow green colored gem. If fire appears to leap from the vibrant green surface of the Peridot, this may be because this gem is formed as a result of volcanic activity.  Many years ago, natives discovered Peridot crystals in the black sands of Hawaii. Throughout history, August's birthstone has been used as a means to connect with nature. 

September birthstone baby bracelets:
Birthstone - Sapphire is a striking deep blue colored gem.  These gemstones are prominent among the British Crown Jewels, and Prince Charles chose this as the engagement stone for his fiancée, Princess Diana. The most prized color of Sapphire is a rich, deep blue although they come in many different colors.

October birthstone baby bracelets:
Birthstone - Opal is a multi-colored gem. October's birthstone treats the eye to an explosion of shimmering colors, not unlike those of a magnificent rainbow following a summer rain or the sparks of a beautiful fire.  This gemstone actually contains up to 30% water, so it must be protected from heat or harsh chemicals, both of which will cause drying and may lead to cracking and loss of iridescence.  Opal must also be guarded from blows, since it is relatively soft and breaks easily. 

November birthstone baby bracelets:
Birthstone - Citrine is a yellow gold colored gem. It is believed that some Citrine may have actually begun as Amethyst, but heat from nearby molten rock changed it to the yellow form of quartz.  Citrine is known to change color when subjected to heat and is routinely heated in the jewelry-making process to intensify its color.  For this same reason, though, this gemstone should not be left in direct sunlight for a long time because it will permanently alter the color.

December birthstone baby bracelets:
Birthstone - Blue Topaz is the color of a sparkling fresh lake. While pure Topaz is colorless, minor changes of elements within the stone result in a variety of other colors, such as blue, pale green, red, yellow and pink. The blue hue is created when Topaz is heated, whether the heat source is natural or engineered by man.

Thanks to Bernadine.com for helping me in my research on birthstones.

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